Buckaroo Bonet at KWMR on May 28, 2009

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival in San Francisco
By Erin Wild

All Rights Reserved, 2006(c)

"The day was slowly coming to a close as I looked off into the distance of the San Francisco Bay. I sat myself down near the music stage to rest my weary feet and rehydrate myself while waiting out the sugar buzz. Much to my surprise, a local band from Marin County was warming up onstage. I recognized the lead vocalist because he is also a bartender at one of the bars I sometimes visit in my home town. I had seen this band before, a number of times, where they had played Wednesday nights at the Fourth Street Tavern until recently. Buckaroo Bonet's Los Tres Borrachos is a funky, bluesy band who has roots here in Northern California but sounds and looks like they are from Tennessee. Lead by vocalist Buckaroo Bonet, they cover songs by such greats as Johnny Cash and Elvis. Their boot-scootin', foot tappin' music was a hit with the crowd because soon the seats were filling up and no one could keep their feet still."